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walk-around magic

Walk-around roaming Magic, exciting for groups of any
size. Just think of the fun, and excitement Roman's
walk-around roaming magic will create for your party.
A safe bet with corporate picnics for hundreds of guest, OR
for that quaint backyard barbeque of 15 guests. Roman is known
for his proven ability to create awe, on the spot and in the
spectator's hands. The newest wave in entertainment is walk-around
roaming magic. Because it's mobile, fun, and happens right
in the spectators' hands. Roman's magic uniquely uses everyday
objects to gain jaw dropping results. A benefit of walk-around roaming
magic is that guests have freedom to be dancing, listening to music,
or seeing magic instead of focusing on one event. Your party
is now a luxury event with options, that guest easily enjoy at their leisure.
During your next cocktail hour, or neighborhood festival Roman will mingle
with our guests sharing close-up magic on a personal level. Wedding receptions,
festivals, barbeques, and corporate parties are great for Roman's walk-around roaming magic.